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Cold mornings call for hot coffee 🍂☕️❤️ (at Roanoke College)
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She is endlessly beautiful and elegant!

Need that pull over
Hey lady! I remember you went through a tough break up a while back (glad to see you're doing so much better now!). My good friend is going through a tough and sudden break up after being with her boyfriend for 5 years (another girl was involved), and she's understandably devastated as she thought she was going to marry the guy. She moved across the country, so I wanted to send her a care package. Do you have any ideas besides food/alcohol that would help cheer her up? asked by Anonymous

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your friend! Break ups can be really difficult, but I’m sure it’s especially heart-breaking that another girl was involved in the ending of their long & serious relationship. I’m sure she is devastated right now, but she is very lucky to have a good friend like you & I’m sure she will eventually feel better in time!

Here are a few non-food/drink ideas I came up with: her favorite movie or cheesy chick flicks on DVD, the latest issue of a magazine she reads, nail polish and/or fancy beauty products to spoil herself one night, a gift card to get her favorite comfort food or to do a little retail therapy, some comfy pajamas, a small piece of jewelry to show her how special she is to you, a small craft for her new apartment, a picture of the two of you/her other friends that reminds her of home, a new book to read or a nice journal to write in… 

Just think of the things that make you feel better and/or keep you busy when you’re feeling a little down. Good luck love! I’m sure she will love anything you send her. Hoping that your friend feels better soon & finds a much better man that will treat her with respect one day!! xoxo

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Almost 12 hour day of interning and classes, finished 🙌#internlife #timefordinner #eshakti #vincecamuto #parkinglot
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