A Virginia girl, obsessed with all things found below the Mason-Dixon line.
Best dog ever

Best dog ever

Not all Mondays are bad

Not all Mondays are bad

Anonymous asked: Which beach?

I’ll be in the Outer Banks in North Carolina!

Anonymous asked: are you back w your old boyfriend or do you have a new one??

I have a new boyfriend!

"I try to only do things that are interesting to me. Because if you don’t have passion for the subject matter, or the person, or whatever their struggle is, it sort of inevitably falls flat. If you don’t care, nobody else will."

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Leaving for the beach this morning, reading Gone With the Wind for the 1,000th time, seeing missfraternity (FINALLYYY) on Wednesday, surprising the boyfriend on his birthday, going to a fraternity formal Friday, & hoping for wifi wherever I go!